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Building Worlds

It has been quite a while since my last post to either this site or twitter. The Real Laser Ball was released, which was awesome, and people actually bought it! I then had to start job hunting because, well, not enough people bought it. This was expected, but it cut the time I had to make games (and post about making games) down quite a bit. I am still making games, and I will actually be writing some posts about it soon (Dev logs, random thoughts, and my possible journey into finding a publisher). This post, however, is not about that. This post is about a new project I have started with a long time friend and fantastic writer, Tyler.

Tyler and I have known each other for over ten years and, during that time, we have spent countless hours crafting our ideas for worlds, stories, and games. Recently, we started on a proper outline for a new story and realized it would make a great tabletop campaign. Then we realized we had countless half-finished outlines and twice as many worlds/countries/planes of existence we had crafted histories, cultures, gods, religions, languages, and characters for. This brought us to our current project: Building Worlds.

Using a vast amount of notes, sketches, random thoughts, and some elbow grease we have started the process of making maps for our first official world.¬†We are still early in the process, but our eventual goal is to release premium world guides/campaigns for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. These would include everything from world/detailed maps, a full world history/timeline, local factions/races/customs, a list of major characters/gods/religions/historical figures, and a full campaign. Our goal is to make “homebrew” content at the same level of quality as an official Wizards of the Coast published book. This will require some fun legal/copyright shit with using the SRD and OGL, but it seems so far that we will be perfectly covered. We may also do some campaigns in the Forgotten Realms to leverage the official 5E content, as well as the popular marketplaces, but for now, we want to make our own shit.

I will be posting more info soon (and I might see if I can convince Tyler to throw up some posts as well) but, for today, I will leave you with the above video and the below maps (Which are still very much works in progress).

Project Eats – The next game

With The Real Laser Ball launching soon (August 21st on Steam), I am starting work on the next game, Project Eats (Not the actual title).

I am going to be pretty slim on details at the moment but I can tell you it will be an extremely difficult and funny game that will not only be perfect for streamers, but also actual players as well. I will be posting more details as I progress further with the game. For now, I will be trying to put out at least two timelapse dev videos and one dev log a week.

Still working on The Real Laser Ball trailer

Coming from a background in film and computer animation, I figured making the trailer would be the easiest part of making this game. I WAS VERY VERY WRONG.

I have made about 12 versions of the trailer so far and I am not sure if I’m done yet. Turns out it is arduous to convey the feeling of playing your game into a video that’s under 2 minutes long. This is made especially challenging when your game has no story or acting in order to allow you to essentially mimic a film trailer. I am hoping to have this completed by end of day today so that I can post it tomorrow. It is the second to last item I need done before I can make The Real Laser Ball’s Steam page live.

Bug fixes, steam checks, and achievements oh my!

Today is a half day as I am prepping the house for my wife’s birthday. Had a few small items on the todo list, which is good because I only had a few hours of work.


  • Only 1 major bug today, which was the fade screen. This is a UI black image with an attached canvas group that uses a coroutine to fade the alpha up to 1 and back down to 0 for scene transitions. If the player made a menu selection before the fade in, it would break the script. This is because I wrote this one super early on, and I did a very bad job with it. The new code is a little less clean but protects against player input breaking the script. Happy this one is done as it has been on the list for months. I goofed around for a bit with the idea of a proper “loading screen” but decided the fast fade to black was nice and clean and in matching with the aesthetic. If I am feeling adventurous I might look into doing a VHS static/tracking error transition.
  • Minor bug that was producing a non-game-breaking error. This was a colliding sphere on the shooting enemy death explosion that was left over from when I thought about have the background particles react to explosions (too resource intensive). The sphere’s code had the collider grow far too large for the game to handle. Disabling the sphere solved the issue.


  • Reset all achievements for testing purposes
  • added some checks to see if steam is running
    • if the app launches without steam, or a steam_appid.txt files it will close the game and attempt a launch through steam.
    • if the app detects a steam_appid.txt file it will try and delete the file.
    • If it cannot delete the file it will end the application.
    • If it can delete the file, and then run another steam check successfully, the game will continue.
    • If the does not initialize properly, it will end the game.
    • These checks are not to protect against piracy, but to ensure my code works properly as it is far easier to say “The game cannot run without Steam (it can still run in offline mode)” than to plan for situations where the app is launched on its own. As far as DRM goes, this would be pretty damn easy to circumvent.

General clean-up

  • Got sick of the hundreds of debug lines I had put into the game constantly popping up, commented them all out (for the most part)
  • Started adding regions to the code for easy viewing later

On Monday I will continue to general clean-up of the code as well as start testing the steam build depots and cloud storage. Now I have to go pick up an 8ft inflatable unicorn (that sprays water out of its horn) from the post office for my wife’s birthday. She really wanted one… and so did I.

Trailer Work for The Real Laser Ball

Spent a good amount of yesterday building patio furniture, cleaning out the backyard, building poles for string lights and making the trailer for The Real Laser Ball

It’s been a long time since I have had to do any video editing so it was nice to drag those skills out of the small box in my closet and put them back to work.