Building Worlds

It has been quite a while since my last post to either this site or twitter. The Real Laser Ball was released, which was awesome, and people actually bought it! I then had to start job hunting because, well, not enough people bought it. This was expected, but it cut the time I had to make games (and post about making games) down quite a bit. I am still making games, and I will actually be writing some posts about it soon (Dev logs, random thoughts, and my possible journey into finding a publisher). This post, however, is not about that. This post is about a new project I have started with a long time friend and fantastic writer, Tyler.

Tyler and I have known each other for over ten years and, during that time, we have spent countless hours crafting our ideas for worlds, stories, and games. Recently, we started on a proper outline for a new story and realized it would make a great tabletop campaign. Then we realized we had countless half-finished outlines and twice as many worlds/countries/planes of existence we had crafted histories, cultures, gods, religions, languages, and characters for. This brought us to our current project: Building Worlds.

Using a vast amount of notes, sketches, random thoughts, and some elbow grease we have started the process of making maps for our first official world.¬†We are still early in the process, but our eventual goal is to release premium world guides/campaigns for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. These would include everything from world/detailed maps, a full world history/timeline, local factions/races/customs, a list of major characters/gods/religions/historical figures, and a full campaign. Our goal is to make “homebrew” content at the same level of quality as an official Wizards of the Coast published book. This will require some fun legal/copyright shit with using the SRD and OGL, but it seems so far that we will be perfectly covered. We may also do some campaigns in the Forgotten Realms to leverage the official 5E content, as well as the popular marketplaces, but for now, we want to make our own shit.

I will be posting more info soon (and I might see if I can convince Tyler to throw up some posts as well) but, for today, I will leave you with the above video and the below maps (Which are still very much works in progress).

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